Vue extérieure AX HOTEL la Châtaigneraie

Since 2019, The Originals City AX HOTEL has been welcome you to a complex combining 25 3-star hotel rooms and 24 comfortable lodges.
Located on the outskirts of la Châtaigneraie, in Vendée, and only 35 minutes from Puy du Fou, AX HOTEL is the ideal place to put down your suitcases!

How about we introduce you yo our team?
Find here The Originals City AX HOTEL staff at your disposal!

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Management team

Morgane directrice AX HOTEL

Morgane – Director

“I always have the music in my skin, I know how to motivate the team! With me, a good mood is guaranteed.”

Léa adjointe AX HOTEL

Léa – Executive assistant

“Listening to the team is essential for me! Sociable and pleasant, I like to share with customers!”

Reception team

Marine réceptionniste AX HOTEL

Marine – Receptionist

“Reach the moon to satisfy the customer!
But it’s also me who pays the price for creating words that don’t exist.”

Chloé responsable groupe AX HOTEL

Chloé –
Receptionist and group manager

“The 1/4 hour vendéen, that knows me!
My discretion and gentleness help me ensure the life of the hotel on the networks.”

Magda receptioniste AX HOTEL

Magda – Receptionist

“Accompanied by my discretion and my hapiness, I will know how to receive you and personalize your visit as it should be.”

Restaurant team

Simon chef AX HOTEL

Simon – Chef

“Of a perfectionist nature and thanks to my experience, I adapt to all your requests. I know how to struggle to delight your taste buds!”

Ghislain cuisinier AX HOTEL

Ghislain – Cook

“Jokes, I send them as fast as the dishes! My quote: the important thing is the essential”

Lucie from AX HOTEL  restaurant vendée france

Lucie – Room manager

“Dynamic and smiling, I know how to do my best to ensure that you have a pleasant meal. “

Elisa apprentie cuisine AX HOTEL

Elisa – Apprentice cook

“Admittedly, I’m the youngest of the team, but I don’t let myself be pushed around; both in the kitchen and with my colleagues!”

Léonie apprentice waitress AX HOTEL vendée france

Léonie – Apprentice waitress

“I’m the new kid on the team! Caring and smiling, I do my best to make your meal go perfectly!”

Maintenance team

Sandrine gouvernante AX HOTEL

Sandrine – Governess

“Fairy of the house and faithful to the post since the opening, cleanliness and cocooning are assured to you. Also, I will not lack creativity to meet your needs.”


Dawn – Room maid

“With my straight talk English which surprises and makes people laugh, I ensure the maintenance of the rooms efficiently.”

The hotel